Want more from of your cafe experience?!



As a treasured member of The Boot Factory Family, you’ll have VIP access to TWO loyalty programs:

  1. Buy 10 hot beverages and get one free
  2. Spend $200* and we’ll gift you a $10 voucher redeemable on anything in-store.
    That’s a 5% reward just for doing what you do, with us!

Come in and ask our friendly staff how to join today, and to say thanks, you’ll get a free hot bev of your choice!


Come in to sign up in-store, we’ll set up your account and issue you a membership card. Alternatively, sign up here!

Every time you make a purchase, scan your card to track your spend.

Purchase 10 hot beverages and your 11th is free, and once you spend $200* you’ll receive a $10 voucher that you can redeem however you like: as a discount off your bill, more free coffees, or share the love and gift it to a friend. Just remember it’s only valid for 30 days.

If you’ve got a registered Rewardle account with valid points, we can simply switch them over, issue you a new card and bob’s your uncle! Welcome to the family! Any valid Rewardle points or free hot bevs you had accumulated are still redeemable, and you can start using your Boot Factory Family card to earn your $10 voucher.